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Assouad Textile

Environmental Responsibility

Assouad Textiles operates its facilities in an environmentally responsible manner, out of faith in the quintessence of maintaining the environment and protecting it from potential hazards.

Assouad textiles uses:

  • Luwa Humidification System
    This Swiss technology efficiently absorbs the polluted air inside the weaving room, separates fluffs and waste and automatically bags it. This way it protects the workers from inhaling it, and does not pollute the air. This system also provides for the necessary humidification of the working space in the mill.
  • Sewage Treatment System
  • Natural Gas for Boilers / steners
    Assouad Textiles uses natural gas to power its boilers. Being one of the cleanest non-renewable sources of energy, natural gas produces significantly less harmful exhaust to power boilers & steners.

Social Responsibility

Workers’ Are Family
Assouad Textiles is known in the market for being among the keenest textile enterprises in the country to observe its workers’ rights. Ensuring that working conditions are satisfactory to the workers are the top of the priority list for the Assouad’s, who believe that their staff are the backbone of the business and the secret to its success.